Health Care Career Opportunities

Often termed as the noblest field of all, the Healthcare industry is much more than the career of a doctor. Developments in science and technology offer better chances of saving someone’s life. The industry lacks the support of much-needed therapists and health specialists, whose human-touch can’t be replaced. However, you must ask yourself: Do I enjoy helping people feel better? Do I pay attention-to- detail? Do I have an excellent memory? Would I like to work in a hospital or any other medical facility? If you answered yes, you will enjoy a career in Healthcare! While exploring careers within this industry, you will learn about the career, education pathway, job opportunities, etc.

Clinical Psychologist

Psychology is the study of people, how they think, act, react and interact. The field is concerned with all aspects of mental and behavioral health. With growing awareness of the importance of mental health and related conditions such as depression and anxiety, demand for services of clinical psychologists is expected to grow. If you enjoy analyzing people’s behavior and talking to them to find solutions to their life’s problems, this profession may be the right fit for you.

  • Course path:
  • 3-year B.A. in Psychology
  • A master’s degree/specialization is typically required in clinical psychology.
  • Specializations: Clinical, Social Psychology, Criminal Psychology etc.


With growing awareness of the importance of good diet to health, the work of a dietician is gaining importance. As a dietician, you will advise on food intake based on a person’s health objectives, lifestyle and current state of health. The most satisfying part of your job will be to see your clients/patients health improve as a result of following your advice.

Course path:

  •  3 year course in B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Msc (2 yrs) Post-graduation or a 1-year Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition (DDPHN) and a compulsory 3-month internship under a qualified dietician, in a hospital.


A nurse is a trained healthcare professional who provides care to the sick or injured. They form a critical link between patients and doctors and are often the first trained medical professionals available to people. In times of medical emergencies, nurses are relied on to perform basic surgical procedures such as delivering babies when doctors may not be available. There is a huge demand for trained nurses both in India and abroad.

Typical Course Path:

  • 4-year course in Bachelors in Nursing (B.Sc.)
  • Post B.S.c Nursing, take up a 2-year course in General Nursing& Midwifery (GNM) and register as Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife (RNRM) with the State Nursing Council
  • Further, pursue a 2-year M.Sc. in Nursing

Alternative Course Path:

  • 2-year course in Auxiliary Nurse & Midwife (ANM), between 17-35 years of age
  • 3.5 years of General Nursing & Midwifery(GNM), after completion of ANM with 40% marks


Duration   : 4 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )


Duration   : 2 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )


Duration : 2 Years
Type : Master Degree
Eligibility : B Sc Nursing



A Pharmacist is also known as Druggist or Chemist, focuses on safe and right usage of medicine. She is one of the most accessible types of healthcare professionals as individuals depend on pharmacists for assistance and advice. A career in pharmacy will provide you with the opportunity to contribute in various areas within healthcare like manufacturing of medicines, interacting with doctors and advising patients on right dosage and likely side effects of medicines.

Typical Course Path:

  • 4-year course of Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm.)
  • A master’s degree (PG)
  • A Ph.D. for expertise in the field of Pharma research and production.


Duration   : 4 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

Pharmacy is medical field which deals with the study and application of medicinal substance for healing and curative purposes. Pharmacy courses helps students to have an in-depth knowledge of how drug molecules are formulated into medicine, how it acts on the body and also about the new ways of delivering drugs safely and effectively. Pharmaceutical research includes developing and testing various new dosages of medication, studying their   mode of actions and delivery on humans and animals, and reproducing a new design for the synthesis of drugs. Pharmacy course offers a plenty of job opportunities in research and medical field. Pharmacy is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students.


Duration   : 6 Years
Type         : Doctorate
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

A Doctor of Pharmacy offers a professional doctorate degree. It is an essential requirement or qualification for practising as a pharmacist in many countries. Pharm D is a hospital based pharmacy program. Pharm D course offers job opportunities in clinical pharmacy, pharmacology research and as well as in other health care sectors. As they hold a professional doctorate degree they can do patient counselling and have the right to prescribe appropriate drugs and dosages to the patients.


Duration   : 3 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

Forensic science is a fascinating field for those who enjoys science and who like to help solve crimes. Forensic science is all about the application of scientific knowledge to investigate a crime. Forensic science is basically a criminal investigation & lab based profession. You would be using your knowledge of science to analyse the evidence found at a crime scene. Forensic scientists usually collect, preserve, and analyse scientific evidence found at a crime scene .Analysis includes examining certain  object at the crime scene such as blood stains, saliva, bodily fluids, bones, fingerprints, dna profiling, recovering data from computers, researching new techniques/technology etc. these analysis report  are further  used to help solve cases and catch criminals. Forensic Science includes several academic disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, psychology, social science, engineering, etc. There are ample career opportunities both in government and private sectors.



Duration   : 4 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )


Duration   : 3 Years
Type         : Degree
Eligibility : 10+2( Physics Chemistry & Biology )

Physiotherapy is a field of health care that aims to rehabilitate and improve health of people with movement disabilities. Physiotherapists are often referred as ‘movement specialists’. Physiotherapy is a science that helps to improve movement dysfunction, and promote functions of the human body and optimal health.  Basic methods that are used include relevant exercises, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy. Physiotherapy can be used in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of injuries, disease processes and other conditions like sports injuries, back and neck pain, occupational injuries etc. The study field has many areas such as pediatrics, orthopedic, neurological, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, wound care and more. It’s an upcoming profession in health care.