MAGNUM’18 (Jan 12 – 14, 2018)

Event Dates:

12-14 January 2018


College of Engineering Chengannur, 

Alapuzha, Kerala



MAGNUM’18 is the second edition of the event since the inception of College of Engineering Chengannur, 1993. The three-day festival which will focus on enhancing the technical competence and managerial proficiency of the participants. Furthermore envisions the meeting of minds to nurture a scientific temper, and thereby felicitating the enhancement of technology for the future. Ranging from workshops and guest lectures on the one hand, to debates, quizzes, and professional shows on the other, will play host to a gamut of activities which challenges the brightest minds in the country to push their capacity to ideate, drive their hunger to innovate and challenge their potential to create like never. The three-day fiesta which celebrates the zenith of science, engineering, and path-breaking technology in a landscape of greener tomorrow is coming to exhilarate and excite the young minds with a paragon opportunity to display their talent and evince their ideas which may lay the groundwork for the next innovative technology. With various social initiatives and campaigns, the event aims at grouping together the power of youth towards a better and a sustainable India.