CEASIDE-2018: International Conference On Emerging Trends In Civil Engineering

The constituent conference conducted by Department of Civil Engineering of GECT as a part of ICETEST 2018 is on the enabling theme of Civil Engineering Advancements for Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Environment and is aptly titled CEASIDE-2018.
With majority of the countries on the globe facing the threat of environmental degradation and consequent crunch in natural resources such as water, studies on the causes, effects and prevention of such degradation have attracted the attention of engineers and scientists all over the world. Several decades of experience in this field has led to revelation that developments in any area should be environmentally sustainable. CEASIDE-2018 aims at creating on a single platform a highly desirable confluence of the academia, the practitioners, and the researchers associated with the field. The delegates can share their experiences, achievements and findings derived from their research, field practice and implementation, and even the teaching-learning process. This will enable them to sharpen their faculties in all perspectives of the subject to help them keep abreast of the latest developments, build research and academic relationships, and also identify areas and agencies for future mutually beneficial collaborations. In tune with the above objectives, the Conference Secretariat requests the pleasure of participation from researchers, practitioners, academia and all interested in/associated with the theme of Prospering World through Sustainable Development by contributing research papers/articles for oral/poster presentation as well as by attending the conference. The papers may be related to one or more of the topics listed in the Section on Conference Topics.